About Us

ACSI has been formed due to the amalgamation of two Associations, ADSI and IACS.

The Association of Dermatologic Surgeons of India(ADSI) was formed in 1995 with the aim of improving the quality of the cutaneous surgery training in the country. As this subspeciality is still new to most of the dermatologists, cosmetologists, and aesthetic surgeons in the country, the aim is to inform them and educate the members about the most recent developments.

The Founder Executive Committee and Members of ADSI (1995) were:


Dr. S.S.Savant

Vice President:

Dr. C.R. Srinivas

Secretary / Treasurer:

Dr. S.D. Shenoi


Dr. Suresh P. Joshipura

Dr. Ashok Parakh

Dr. Vinay V. Saraf

Dr. Sumit K. Bose.

In 1996 Indian Academy of Cutaneous Sugeons (IACS) was formed with the aim to develop aesthetic judgement based on ethical practice of cutaneous surgery with the root in cutaneous biology and clinical dermatology.Stress was given on the inclusion of cutaneous surgery in the post graduate and undergraduate curriculum where it is neglected the most. Organising conferences, workshops and CMEs was suggested for ventilation and sharing of ideas, information and exchange of opinionsfor the better understanding of the subject. Publishing a Journal and Year book of Dermatosurgery were also in the cards.

The founder Executive committee members of IACS(1996) were:


Dr. Subrata Malakar

Chief Patron:

Dr. Jayakar Thomas

Vice Presidents:

Dr. R. N. Dutta

Dr. Girija Ramanan

General Secretary:

Dr. Sandipan Dhar

Joint Secretaries:

Dr. Lokendra Pratap Singh

Dr. Koushik Lahiri


Dr. Mani Kumar Sharma


Dr. Satish S. Savant

Dr. P. C. Rath

Dr. Prasenjit Mohanty

Dr. Balasubramaniam

Dr. Rajeev Sharma

Dr. Sujit R. Sengupta

Dr. Aloke Kr. Roy

Dr. Anil Ganjoo

Dr. A. K. Khare

Dr. Suresh Jain

Dr. Ravi Saini

Dr. Rakesh Bharati.

In 1999 both of these National bodies representing cutaneous surgeons in the country merged together and formed Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSI).Live workshops and conferences organized by the association provide an excellent opportunity to the members to learn the surgical dermatology. Association's training program and fellowships are open only to the members. In addition, members will get a discounted registration fee in the conferences and workshops organised by the association. All members will receive the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery free of cost.