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    Life membership is open to Dermatologists with a MCI recognised qualification and practicing cutaneous surgery. Life membership is available with a fee of Indian Rs. 5000/- (US $100.00 for dermatologists outside India). Demand draft (DD) should be in the name of "Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India" payable at Pune, India.
    Those who possess any other qualification in Dermatology from foreign universities, and those not recognised by MCI will be eligible for associate membership only and subject to approval of membership committee. The fee for associate members will be Rs 8,000 or US $200.
    Specialists with a surgical PG qualification other than Dermatology (Plastic surgeons and others) may also be considered for Associate membership at the said fees once approved by membership committee. Associate members do not have voting rights and are not eligible for holding any appointment in the Association.
    Postgraduates will be registered on payment of Rs 1000 as provisional life members. On passing the examination and furnishing of proof thereof, they will pay the balance amount of Rs. 4000/- and become life members. Provisional life membership is valid for a period of five years only, during which time, they will have to be converted to life membership.

    Note: Either submit online or mail completed application along with remittance to:


    Dr. Shyamanta Barua
         Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology
         Assam Medical College & Hospital
         Dibrugarh – 786002, Assam
         Phone: +91 94355 46944